Getting started with Ionic 3, hybrid mobile application development

Ionic 2 is one of the best hybrid mobile application development framework and it’s open source. Moreover, its very easy to get started. In this tutorial, we will learn to install Ionic 2 and create a simple project.


The easiest way to create and develop Ionic 2 applications is via the Ionic Command Line Utility (the CLI). And Ionic 2 apps are built and deployed as native apps using cordova. We just need to install these two tools to get started with Ionic 2.

Installing Ionic CLI and Cordova

To install Ionic CLI and Cordova, open up your terminal and type

$ npm install -g ionic cordova

In some systems, you need to add sudo to install these utilities globally in your system.

That’s it, easy as pie to install.

Once it’s installed you can use ionic info to view the details of your ionic installation.

Creating your first project

Once the installation is completed, you can create your first hybrid mobile application

$ ionic start HelloMobile

You can test your app directly in your browser

$ cd HelloMobile
$ ionic serve

In order to build native applications for IOS and Android, certain features and installations are required.

IOS developers follow Cordova iOS Platform Guide and Android developers fllow Cordova Android Platform Guide.

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