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You are here means you want to upgrade your level from consumer to creator. Hat’s off to your for your motivation and enthusiasm. In fact at Competenepal we believe you will not become a good reader until you start creating. That is also one reason we started this portal. And yes, you can be a part of it. There are quite a few ways you can join our community or programmers and developers.

  1. Suggest topics
    If you are a programming enthusiast, beginner, or someone trying to move forward in problem solving world and you want any kind of problem solving or programming topics covered, feel free to provide us with feedback. We will try our best to bring an outstanding piece of content on the topic.

  2. Writer Guest
    We are a welcoming community so, we welcome contributions from our readers as long as it is related to programming, problem solving, developing or innovating. You can simply contact us with your article, or link to your article elsewhere. The content has to be comprehensive and standard.

3. Competenepal Author
We are always looking for programmers to join our cause to develop a platform with free, insightful, in-depth resources on programming and problem solving. You will begin as a writer guest and progress towards becoming a Competenepal Author. Once 3 of your posts are accepted and published, you will have to attend one day workshop before joining our team. If you want to become a competenepal author, let us know. We can discuss the terms and benefits.

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