Ionic DevApp

What is Ionic DevApp?

Latest addition to Ionic toolbox is the Ionic DevApp. From their blog “DevApp is a 100% free mobile app for iOS and Android that makes it easy to test apps directly on your devices. DevApp offers a realtime view of changes as you’re making them, with a rich library of pre-installed native plugins to test every feature of your app. It’s basically ionic serve with native support, running on all your devices.”

View Ionic DevApp in Action


Features of Ionic DevApp

  • Live reload to see the changes as you make them, just like with ionic serve in browser
  • No native dependencies like XCode and Android studio required to test the app with native features in your mobile device
  • A rich library of pre installed native plugins
  • iOS and Android support
  • Auto discovery of apps running locally

Getting Started with Ionic DevApp

  1. Make sure you already have the latest Ionic CLI version installed by running yarn global add ionic or npm install -g ionic.
  2. Install Ionic DevApp for Android from Play Store or for iOS from App Store.
  3. Connect both your device and your development computer to same WiFi network.
  4. Run ionic serve on your project, you should see the app in your DevApp.
  5. Click on the app in your DevApp and vola, you have development version of your app in your device complete with live reload like browser and cordova plugin support.

Thanks to Ionic Team for such a wonderful tool. It is now easier than ever to develop and test Ionic app with all native features directly on your device. For more details visit Ionic Blog

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