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We all know it is a time consuming process to setup all the basic stuffs for each of our react native projects. Every time we create a new project, we have to setup basic stuff like state management library, navigation library, basic components. Even though we have library of components, it is a tedious process to copy and paste those in each of our new projects. What if there was a better way. Yes from react native version 0.42.0 we have. And its called template.
To learn more about what react native project template is, and how to create your own, go through our previous tutorial here. However in this tutorial, we will be discussing our own template that we have created and launched as open source on github for you guys to start your next react native project.

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Using this template to generate your next project

As this template is already published in npm, its super easy to initialize your new projects using this template. Just type the following command in your terminal

react-native init {project-name} --template super

That’s it. After the project is initialized, just run react-native run-android or react-native run-ios to see the template in action. If the project has initialized correctly, you should see the screen in your app

What comes with the template?

Right now, the template is in it’s initial stage, but we have implemented few things that makes starting right on and developing our app easy.

  1. We have implemented redux along with redux-thunk and redux-persist to persist app state when app quits.
  2. Right now we have a text component that supports different heading styles h1, h2, h3 and h4 and a button component. For details on implementation view the github repository. Our components are super inspired by react-native-elements repository, so thanks to those guys.
  3. We have implemented a global styling and theme support using react-native-extended-stylesheet library. Which is basic for now and under development with hot theme reloading etc.
  4. We have implemented navigation logic using react navigation library.

Also we love pull requests, and hope you guys will help us make this the best starter template for react native projects.

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