Ionic Previewing App in browser Using Ionic Lab


Ionic framework runs on develop once and deploy anywhere philosophy. It cater to the needs of major mobile platforms namely, Android, iOS and Windows. So it comes with many tools that help the developers to conveniently test the application’s ui and other performance in various platforms. One such tool that comes with Ionic framework, developed by the Ionic Team is Ionic Lab.

In this article, we will learn about Ionic Lab, how it looks and works and why it is important.

What is Ionic Lab and how to enable it

For this tutorial, all we need is installed version of Ionic Framework in our development machine. If you do not have installed Ionic or this is your first tutorial with Ionic framework. I suggest you to please go through our Getting started with Ionic tutorial.
Ionic Lab, is just another option within command line in order to serve and preview our application in browser. In the normal view while running ionic serve command in our application we see something like below in our browser.
Inside your ionic project folder, run the command below.

ionic serve


On the other hand, a simple option added to serve command can take the development to a new level.
Use the command mentioned below:-

ionic serve --lab


Let’s observe closely, the web interface thus loaded, provides various options for development. This gives us interactive preview of our app in three different platform at the same time without any hassle. We can easily compare the performance. It also provides us quick links to the api references from sidebar.


Well, in our journey with Ionic, the lab will provide us a bird’s eye view to our applications. We can visualize early on how certain app, features looks and feels in different platforms. So it’s an important feature to have in our ionic toolbox.

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