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Setting up Ionic View for Testing Ionic App


Ionic View is by far the best thing Ionic framework provides. The problem with hybrid apps is that we need to see them on real device and show it to our clients to make them believe. The clients have to be able to view the prototype or the entire app on their own hands in their mobiles to test run it and review it.
Ionic View is the standard solution for Ionic developers to showcase their work to their potential clients or investors. So let’s get working.
In this tutorial we will understand the process of using ionic view to test our ionic applications on real device.

Setting up Ionic View

In order to be able to use Ionic View to test our Ionic applications, we need to sign up for an account with the ionic cloud. So, go to the Ionic Signup page and then register for free. Then log into the ionic website.

For this tutorial, you must have already created Ionic cloud account and also ionic installed int your system.

We first require to link the application and then upload it to Ionic Platform to be able to see it in Ionic View. The linking process is pretty easy. Go to your Ionic project directory in your terminal and run the following command

cd sampleApp
ionic link

If you have not created the application in web console, it will ask you to create an application.
Go to the site and create an application and run the command again and select the app which you want to connect it to.

ionic link

Once done with the linking process, run the below command to upload the application to the cloud.

ionic upload

And we are done. This should build the application and upload so that we can view it in Ionic View. Now lets go ahead and download the Ionic View Application. Click here to download Ionic View application

Login into the App and we should be able to see our app which we have uploaded coming onto the screen. We can verify the application and with each build upload it onto the system.

If we want we can attach notes to the builds that we are uploading, using the following command.

ionic upload --note "notes specific to this build"


Ionic view is a powerful tool to aid in Ionic applications development. Try it out and let us know if run into any problems or have any concerns.

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