Tools to help you check and improve your website performance


  1. Yslow It has browser extensions, command line tool, nodejs extension and its open source.
  2. Google Pagespeed insights Broken down into desktop and mobile specific insights.
  3. Google Chrome Dev tools Device view (Viewing in different device sizes, add network throttling).
  4. Google Chrome Dev tools Network View (View what’s taking time to load for all resources and http requests).
  5. Google Chrome Dev tools Timeline View.
  6. Image Optim Image optimization.
  7. gulp-imagemin Compress jpeg, png (Removes unimportant metadata from images)
  8. CSS Sprite Generator Generate sprite from collection of images
  9. Sprite Cow get CSS data for sprite.
  10. Icomoon Use Icon fonts instead of images, use icomoon to generate font based on collection of icons you want to use.
  11. picturefill load different size of images based on display size

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