Vital – A minimally invasive CSS framework for modern web applications

Bootstrap guys, there’s a new player in town. It calls itself Vital and as name suggests it provides that which is vital.
Vital is CSS only framework and has zero Javascript dependencies. The minified vital.css stylesheet is only 31KB including it’s icon fonts.
Vital is almost 1/4th the size of Bootstrap’s CSS file. Vital is for developers who just need a fast frontend solution for their projects.
Vital is a completely open source, all code available on GitHub to peruse.

Everything is built with Sass for CSS and Slim for HTML.
The latest versions are available for download on the releases page and these include the CSS code along with custom icon fonts. You’ll also find plenty of HTML & CSS demos and some basic documentation on the GitHub page.

The components page lists everything you get with vital including grids, typography, buttons, loaders, tables, tabs, form inputs and so much more.

The Layouts page lists many examples of many of the common web layouts to use on websites.

L:ogin form layout
Cards with background images, show details on hover


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