You Don’t Need JavaScript

Want to build a quick CSS-only slideshow or a modal window? These are some of the most common UI elements on the frontend development and nowadays we can build them without using any JavaScript.
And sure, Google is the right way to get overwhelming resources. But why not to pick from a curated list of awesome resources.
And hence this GitHub page comes into play. It’s titled “You Don’t Need JavaScript”, and it offers a huge list of workable CSS-only solutions for common interface elements.

One thing to note is that these codes are not end-all be-all solutions. Not everything in the list supports all browsers. So we’ll need to vet each one individually on a case-by-case basis.

The list features over 20 different UI elements with many prominent solutions, such as:

  • Accordion / Toggle
  • Carousel
  • Tooltips
  • Flip on click
  • Tabs
  • Image galleries
  • Dropdown menus
  • And so much more.

Each project links out to a CodePen demo where we can see it live along with sample source code. However this specific GitHub repo doesn’t have any actual code in it. Rather it’s just a list of CodePen demos featuring non-JS solutions to common interface problems.

We’re free to copy any source code from any of these demos and reuse them in our projects. But make sure to check the CSS properties tab before copying anything because some contain extra libraries.

Check the full GitHub page here.

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